The Most Challenging Project of the Week: Success in Complex Inherited Property Sales

An existing client indicated interest in purchasing a property that was inherited by two brothers who have different mothers. The property had been passed down to them by their late dad, and both brothers had a claim to it. However, their relationship was strained due to their different backgrounds and the circumstances surrounding their inheritance. […]

The Second Citizenship turned Travel Client

A returning client who had gotten two domestic staff through us in April 2022 called to indicate interest in our Second Citizenship by Investment Service.  Her motivation was that someone she knew had processed and gotten her second passport through our Agency in record time. She is all pumped up having duly been briefed by […]

The Ukraine Returnee’s School Admission in Canada

Just a few days before the end of January, a respected former senior colleague referred his Mentor to us for our Admission Assistance Service. Client’s Requirements and Our Course of Action The client was contacted for a brief. He is a Nigerian whose son was evacuated to Nigeria from a Ukrainian university due to the […]

The Life of a Needs-Based Consultant

Every day in our business is filled with opportunities to make a difference. It’s both daunting and exciting, requiring constant learning, networking, and staying ahead of the game. We never know what the next call or walk-in client will bring, but we are always ready to guide them and provide appropriate solutions. That’s what we […]

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