The Ukraine Returnee’s School Admission in Canada

May 2, 2023

Just a few days before the end of January, a respected former senior colleague referred his Mentor to us for our Admission Assistance Service.

Client’s Requirements and Our Course of Action

The client was contacted for a brief. He is a Nigerian whose son was evacuated to Nigeria from a Ukrainian university due to the ongoing war. The son completed his course and submitted his thesis online. However, he could not receive his transcript or certificate due to the unavailability of non-academic staff. The plan had always been that he would take up a Master’s program as soon as possible, yet the absence of his academic results coupled with his lack of work experience posed significant roadblocks, so his parents contacted us for assistance. It was not a straightforward case with some inherent challenges and complexities, but we were determined to see it through.

After reviewing the situation, we outlined the necessary documents needed in addition to potential programs which were the right fit for the son. This helped to set realistic expectations and goals.

 Transcript Obtainment Task

Getting an official transcript from the Kyiv-based institution was difficult and took almost two months as most staff were away from work due to the war. We provided advisory services to the parents throughout the process.

Course Switch Task

The son was pursuing a degree in Aviation Safety and Maintenance, but his parents wanted him to diversify and not pursue a Master’s in the same field. However, his scores in WAEC (High School) result and University transcript did not present a strong base for negotiating a course change at Master’s level. Moreover, the parents wanted him to start as soon as possible, and their ideal option was the Summer intake. However, we advised them that this was the least preferred option in Canada, as only a few schools and courses were offered in the Summer.

Within 48 hours of receiving all necessary documents from the client, through our network and affiliations, we identified three schools that would consider the student for a Master’s degree in Aviation Safety, Aviation Operations, and Electromechanical Engineering and application was submitted to two of these schools.

Stress Management Task

Just two weeks after the application submission, the client became profusely anxious and wanted to pursue other options, but we assured him that we had the situation under control.

Positive Outcome

Finally, five weeks after submitting the application, one of the schools offered the client’s son admission with the option of choosing between Aviation Operations and Electromechanical Engineering.  He accepted the latter and paid the acceptance fee! The next step is the visa application process, and we are confident that we can assist the client in completing this final hurdle.

We are thrilled to have used our strong connections and partnerships to help this family in such a meaningful way and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our skills and expertise. This was no ordinary case but one that required out-of-the-box thinking, quick problem-solving skills, synergy, a positive attitude, and a lot of perseverance.

A challenging project but as Needs-Based Consultants, we love nothing more than a good challenge!

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