The Second Citizenship turned Travel Client

May 8, 2023

A returning client who had gotten two domestic staff through us in April 2022 called to indicate interest in our Second Citizenship by Investment Service.  Her motivation was that someone she knew had processed and gotten her second passport through our Agency in record time.

She is all pumped up having duly been briefed by her referral so all she wanted was necessary requirements to get started.  Although, it sounded like a cinch, however, we insist on detailed advisory to all prospective clients to ensure independent decisions are ultimately made by them.  We engaged her in some preliminary questions to determine eligibility, suitability, appetite, and readiness. Upon satisfactory responses to the questions, we tabled the various options open to her and shared their term sheets.  She immediately gravitated towards St Kitts and Navis for travel convenience, tax flexibility, and other peeks.

Furthermore, a meeting was set up for her with our Senior Consultant in Dubai to ensure she is making a well-informed decision.  Her excitement hit the roof! She expressed readiness to commence the application and requested for necessary documentation and SWIFT details so she could make installment payments as advised.

Boom! We’ve got this in the bag. Straight forward smooth transaction… little did we know

New Dimension

Several days later the client came back to us that before she could make a final decision, she wanted to take a fact-finding trip to the Island and we should arrange the visit for her and one other person… she shared her budget with us. Ah! A transaction that was as good as done is already showing signs of default.

St Kitts Travel Arrangements

As a matter of urgency, we reached out to our partners in the travel sector to set the trip in motion noting the essence so that the itinerary would be tailored to show the investment viability as well as tourist attraction of the Island. Because it is still within her budget and timeline, two other destinations were added to the package to make it as enjoyable as possible for the client and her companion.

The Twist

The client was very impressed at our professionalism, the ease at which we took on her requests and adapted all her demands as well as the quality of the trips planned in such a short time.  However, she has, meanwhile, put a hold on the citizenship by investment option as well as the visit to the Island. She promised to move her personal and official travel consultation to us.

The Success Story

After over three months of silence, the client sent in a request for a multi-city total summer holiday package (Visas, Flights, Hotels, Sightseeing, etc) for eight persons.  We made it! There were no hesitations this time. The client promptly provided the necessary documentation and payments.

We closed the deal last week and we are certain of subsequent ones from her and referrals.

Occasionally, we outset with a request and wind up with another.  Regardless, as Needs-Based Consultants, we are up to the task and love nothing more than a good challenge!

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